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March 29, 2008

Immanuel Davis featured on MPR Classical

Hear Immanuel Davis featured on Minnesota Public Radio Classical (99.5 FM, KSJN) in conversation with host Alison Young. To read the story and to listen to the audio online, visit the MPR website. For information on Davis' Sunday, March 30th Flute Recital, visit the campus events website.

March 20, 2008

Mark Russell Smith Featured on Morning Edition

Hear Mark Russell Smith and Jerry Luckhardt interviewed on MPR (91.1 FM, KNOW) on Morning Edition. To read the story and to listen to the audio online, visit the MPR website.

March 19, 2008

Fifth Annual Concert of Balkan Contemporary Music BALKANICUS: Music from Albania, Bulgaria and Romania

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 7:30 pm
Lloyd Ultan Recital Hall
Free and open to the public

Noriko Kawai, piano; John De Haan, voice; Nickolai Kolarov, cello; Rudolph Kremer, violin; and graduate students and members of the School of Music New Music Ensemble perform the works of Thomas Simaku (Albania), Ivan Spassov (Bulgaria), Simeon Pironkov (Bulgaria), Roumen Balyozov (Bulgaria), and Sorin Lerescu (Romania).

The program includes “The Flight of the Eagle for Piano� (2001) by Thomas Simaku, Albania; “Confrontation for Violin and Cello (Instrumental Theatre)� (1976) by Ivan Spassov, Bulgaria; “Fantasia for Baritone, Cello and Piano on Heinrich Heine's poetry� (1997) by Simeon Pironkov, Bulgaria; “(DIS)CONTINUUM for instrumental ensemble and tape� (2003) by Sorin Lerescu, Romania; and “EXACT MUSIC for nine instruments� (2007) by Roumen Baliozov, Bulgaria.

This chamber concert series, created by Bulgarian cellist Nickolai Kolarov in 2003, showcases New Music from the Balkans and familiarizes the American audience with international composers of different generations and styles who all carry the “Spiritus Balkanicus.�

March 14, 2008

Bach and his Bible

The Musicology and Theory Divisions are pleased to invite you to join us this Friday, March 14 at 2:30 in Rm. 280 in Ferguson Hall for a very exciting colloquium. Dr. Thomas Rossin, the founder and conductor of the Exultate choir, which is performing Bach's B-Minor Mass around the Twin Cities several times this month, will be exhibiting and speaking about J.S. Bach's personal Bible, its marginalia, etc, which was the topic of his doctoral dissertation.

On exhibit will be the following items, some of which are exceedingly rare:
1. 2 volumes of the Bible once owned by Bach
2. Information kiosks with panels about Bach, his music, and his Bible
3. An original page from the 1611 first edition of the King James Bible
4. A theological book printed in Leipzig in 1740 (while Bach was living there)
5. Ceremonial coins minted on the 300th birthday of Bach & Handel
6. Copies of autograph scores of two motets of Bach
7. Rossin's dissertation about the Bach Bible
8. Some items from the U of M rare book collection.
9. A handout explaining about Bach's library, the discovery of the Bible, it's importance, etc.

March 7, 2008

Alex Lubet and Iris Shiraishi at Dreamland Arts

Music for Japanese Instruments and Guitar
featuring Alex Lubet (theory/composition) and Iris Shiraishi
Fri, Mar 7 at 7:30 p.m.
Dreamland Arts, 677 Hamline Ave. N.
St. Paul, MN 55104
Pay what you can at the door, please reserve seats.

An evening of original compositions written and performed by Iris Shiraishi and Alex Lubet. The program consists of Iris's 'Hamakaze', for fue (Japanese flute), percussion, and guitar, Alex's 'By the Rivers of Babylon' (guitar) and collaboratively written works: 'Hatikvah' (percussion and guitar) and 'Fantasy on Der Heyser Bulgar'(taiko, fue, and guitar). 45 minutes

Iris Shiraishi is well-known for her work with Mu Daiko, the Twini Cities' taiko group. Alex Lubet led the Blended Cultures Orchestra in the 90's and teaches popular music at the U of M.