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The Community Engagement Leadership Team (CELT) calling for proposals for grant funding to support projects that integrate community engagement into the curriculum, creative activities, and research of the School of Music. Projects can be student generated, faculty generated, or (ideally) collaboratively designed. All ideas are welcome. The CELT will assist with refining ideas you might have.

Each proposed project is eligible for up to $500 in support for travel, expenses, and equipment necessary for the successful implementation of the project. Projects will be assessed according to how well the following questions are addressed.

* How does this project use community engagement to contribute to the stated mission of the School of Music?
* How does this project impact the curriculum in the School of Music? The committee is especially interested projects that enhance learning and teaching opportunities for members of the School of Music community.
* What will "success" look like for this project?
* How will that success be assessed? Assessment can include measurement or narrative. We just want to know how you will know that the program has been successful and how you will evaluate the success.
* What are the benefits to the various constituencies involved in the project: students, faculty, and community partners? Of importance in assessing this category are the concepts of mutual contribution and mutual gain.
* How could this project serve as a model to others interested in community engaged scholarship and teaching?
* To what degree is this project sustainable?

Please use the form, Community Engagement Grant Application, which can be found on the Engagement page of the SOM website.

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Community Engagement Leadership Team or Team Leader, Keitha Hamann.

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