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From April 19-22, 2012, University Opera Theatre will present Robert Aldridge's Parables for chorus and orchestra featuring librettist, Herschel Garfein. With text by Herschel Garfein, direction under David Walsh, and conducting by Kathy Salzman Romey, Parables aims to engage university, religious, civic, and school partners in community-building workshops centered on the backlash against non-Christian-based religions after the events of 9/11.

Interactive workshops and concerts will challenge participants to examine, explore, and reflect on their attitudes toward critical issues, as well as to encourage and promote thoughtful dialogue about our rich cultural heritage. An integral part of the project will be to showcase the positive role of the arts, particularly music, in expanding our imaginative response to religious and cultural difference - the 'other' - in our society.

Through a series of school-based lessons, performances, informal discussions, and a Parables Forum, this project is bound to make an important mark on engagement efforts around the Twin Cities metropolitan region. Partners in the critical and collaborative discussion include: high school partners, religious and ethnic cultural groups, and the University Opera Theatre, U of M School of Music, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, Department of Art, Department of Anthropology, and the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature.

Those interested in being a part of this community engagement project may participate in a springtime forum slated to take place in early April as well as the performances. Visit for complete details.

Kinh T. Vu, Assistant Project Director
David Walsh, Project Director

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