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Big Band seeks Guitarist, Lead Trombonist and Bass Trombonist

The Roseville Big Band ( is looking for a guitarist. None of their guitar subs are in a position to play regularly with the band, so they hope to expand the call list and perhaps find someone to add to the roster.

They recently lost their lead trombonist. For now, the bass trombonist is trying lead. Roseville Big Band would like to find a replacement bass trombonist to be a full-time section member. Another alternative would be to fill the lead trombone spot.

This is a community-level (i.e., non-paid) jazz band.

The web site above is a good reference of the repertoire we perform, as is this YouTube play list:


Small group of musicians wanted for U of M Medical School event

Looking for soft music during a semi-formal graduation dinner event on Thursday, May 2nd from 5:30-7pm at TCF Indoor Club Room, 2009 University Avenue SE, Minneapolis.


Pianist Wanted for Theater Production

Theater NOW is conducting a holiday fundraiser called "Pardon our Schtick!", an old time radio, vaudeville, and comedy show on Sunday, Dec. 23, from 2-4 pm at the Lowry Lab Theater. The show will help raise funds for the theater company and give back to the senior community. Information can be found at and click on "Pardon our Schtick."

Seeking a pianist to play old time theme songs, provide background and commercial music and/or accompany the sketches that we are developing.

Commitment involves two rehearsals on Tuesdays December 11 and 18th and the 2 hour performance on Sunday, December 23rd. A small stipend will be offered for your time. A piano will be furnished if necessary, or an electric piano can be used.


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