Pianist and Clarinetist for collaboration (On Campus)

Current U of M music student/record producer is seeking instrumentalists for a 3 movement piece called Unexpected Encounters written for piano and clarinet.

Project Details:
Looking to develop a choreography around the music and thought this could provide an amazing opportunity for inter-departmental collaboration! The choreography is open, but the rough thematic outlines I have in mind consist in a kind of festive piece where a protagonist encounters unfamiliar people, sort of exploring the dynamics of western culture's encounters with the orient and how it often exoticizes and even mystifies the orient. I know a talented sculptor in the department of Art who is interested in designing masks made to signify such mystification. I'm looking for a talented pianist and clarinetist. Overall, I think this would provide an excellent way for students and faculty to collaborate across three departments while creating a new work of art!

We will rehearse at the Rarig Theater, roughly an hour a week.


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