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Piano Teacher

I am looking for an enthusiastic college music major who would be interested in teaching my daughter piano. She has been in piano for 5 yrs but when we moved here from Montana we had a teacher that didn't mesh well with her and she didn't want to take lessons anymore. I am hoping to find a young teacher that can ignite that passion again.

I am willing to pay $25-30 for a 45 minute lesson once a week.

Alison Forney-Gorman

Pianist for Worship Services

Pianist needed for Sunday Worship services for 1 hour (10:00-11:00am).

We are a non denominational Native American congregation.
Ho Waste Teca, Prior Lake, MN

Compensation: $50.00

If interested, call Pastor Jerry Zephier at 952-233-2255 (office) 952-445-8961 (home).

Voice Lessons

Looking for a voice lesson teacher. I sing bass. I sang a lot several years ago and would like to get back into singing regularly.

Contact Hal

Director for Community Band

Lex-Ham Community Band is looking for a director. We've been around for more than twenty years. As part of Lex-Ham Community Arts our goal is to provide performing arts activities for the Lexington-Hamline neighborhood of Saint Paul and surrounding areas. In recent years we've been averaging about 45 amateur musicians with a fairly wide range of skill levels. We meet just about every week, either for rehearsal or a concert. Rehearsals are on Sundays from 7:30 to 9:00pm at the Concordia University band room in Saint Paul. We perform, on average, once a month in various venues - parks in the summer, malls in the winter, retirement communities any time of year. Our concerts are free to the public.

Director will:
Select the music for our performances - we have a respectable (and growing) library from which to choose.
Run and conduct rehearsals - you'll have to be patient - we have a range of skill levels.
Conduct our concerts - so you'll have to come up with some engaging patter for the audience between numbers.

We have a fairly good support crew that will: place music in folders, take music out of folders, buy music, haul equipment and music stands, schedule venues for concerts, find rehearsal space.

We would like the director sit on the board of directors for Lex-Ham Community Arts. They meet for a couple hours every two months (usually on a Sunday afternoon). Your primary duty there would be to report on what the band is doing. They're a pretty nice bunch, but it is a volunteer organization, so they'll probably try to get you to volunteer for other duties. (Maybe you'll like what they do so much that you'll agree.)

So what do you get in return for all your efforts? You mean besides the pleasure of leading a bunch of enthusiastic folks as they explore the joy of making music in a large ensemble? (Ok, fine. We'll let you write the next job description.) Our band director receives a $500 annual stipend, paid on a quarterly basis.

Interested? Questions? Send a note to Tell us a little bit about your background and experience with directing, maybe attach your resume. If we like what we see we'll invite you to take the band through a rehearsal in April to get their feedback. We hope to have the whole process finished by May, so you have time to get us ready for the summer concert season.

Pianist and Clarinetist for collaboration (On Campus)

Current U of M music student/record producer is seeking instrumentalists for a 3 movement piece called Unexpected Encounters written for piano and clarinet.

Project Details:
Looking to develop a choreography around the music and thought this could provide an amazing opportunity for inter-departmental collaboration! The choreography is open, but the rough thematic outlines I have in mind consist in a kind of festive piece where a protagonist encounters unfamiliar people, sort of exploring the dynamics of western culture's encounters with the orient and how it often exoticizes and even mystifies the orient. I know a talented sculptor in the department of Art who is interested in designing masks made to signify such mystification. I'm looking for a talented pianist and clarinetist. Overall, I think this would provide an excellent way for students and faculty to collaborate across three departments while creating a new work of art!

We will rehearse at the Rarig Theater, roughly an hour a week.

Robert Gilbert,

Piano Lessons

Adult student looking for piano lessons in Minneapolis.

Contact Logan at or 510-542-7966

Piano Lessons

Adult student looking for piano lessons at an affordable rate. He lives in Minneapolis.

Contact Mark at

Part-time Organist/Accompanist for Church

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in St. Louis Park, MN seeks a part time Organist / Accompanist to lead and support the music of the congregation during worship on Sunday mornings; including hymns, liturgical singing, prelude, offertory, and postlude. The organist/accompanist will also provide accompaniment for choir rehearsals Wednesday nights and performances Sunday mornings. The organist/accompanist will be proficient in both organ and piano, with a desired interest or aptitude for world music and other non-traditional musical styles.

Contact Pastor Eric Hoffer at (or 952-938-5400) to apply or for more information.

A complete job description is posted on the School of Music Gig Bulletin Board.

Musicians for Downtown Restaurant

We are looking to showcase new talented bands, musicans & singers at our Downtown Minneapolis bar & restaurant. Our budget is limited to providing complimentary food & beverage as compensation at this time. We have a need from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am Friday & Saturday evenings.

Please contact Liz for more information.

Liz Jensen
Phone: 612-333-6100.
Maruso Street Food Bar
715 Hennepin Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN. 55403

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