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Guitar and Drums for Theatre Performances (On Campus)

Looking for experienced guitar and drum player for band in Working, the fall musical in the Dept of Theatre Arts and Dance

There will be five band practices before technical rehearsals begin on Oct 19th, to be arranged based on schedules.
Technical Rehearsals are Oct 19 - Oct 30 nightly (band will not be called to all rehearsals)
Performances are Thursday-Sat nights and Sunday afternoons from Oct 30 - November 9. Must be available for all performances.

Credit is available for student musicians.

Working is being directed by Associate Professor Lisa Channer and guest artist Samantha Johns. Musical director is Marya Hart. It will perform in the Thrust Theatre in Rarig.

If you are interested, please contact Marya Hart with a brief description of your experience. Feel free to address questions to the same email.


Percussionist for Theater Production (On Campus)

Looking for a percussionist to create original accompaniment and aid in a production of Shakespeare's Macbeth on Halloween. It's going to be a dark, up close, dangerous, and condensed version of the play that would be greatly accented by a percussive background. Especially hand drums and the like.

Unfortunately I cannot pay you for this because the funding is coming through a University grant and they have rules about paying students. I will buy you food and drink at times though! I'm looking for someone who wants to have some fun in a different context.

Relatively low time commitment.

Email if interested!

Early Music Vocal Ensemble Auditions

Our Early Music Vocal Ensemble is seeking SATB singers for 2014-2015 season. Solo opportunities available. Monday evening rehearsals at Hopkins church. Must be able to read music. This is a volunteer opportunity.

Our main repertoire is sacred music from the Renaissance and Baroque eras. However, our first project is a Faure Requiem with the new David Hill orchestration.

Apply by August 7th.
Contact Paul for audition info at:

Musician(s) for Event On Campus (St. Paul)

Looking for a musician or musicians to volunteer their services for an event from 2-3pm on Friday, July 25th outside Snyder Hall on the St. Paul campus.

We are open to any size ensemble or type of music.

Contact Paola Martin
Phone: 612-625-1234

Instrumentalists for Pit Orchestra

St. Anthony Community Theater is putting on a production of The Wizard of Oz at the end of July and early August and we are looking for talented musicians to play in the pit.

There will be 4 short rehearsals (date TBD) with the conductor prior to tech week which is July 19th-24th. There are 3 performances the weekend of the July 25th consisting of a 7:00pm Friday and Saturday and a 2:00 Sunday. The same is for the following weekend with the addition of a Thursday night performance at 7:00.

Instruments needed: violin, string bass, recorder, tenor sax, flute, clarinet, oboe, french horn, trumpet, trombone, harp, piano, celeste, and keyboard synthesizer.

Please contact ... for more information. You can also go to for more information about St. Anthony Community Theater.

We would love for you to come out and perform with us!

Bagpipes for Music Event

I am looking for a student or amateur piper to add Scottish flavor to the MN Scottish Harp Competition.

The competition is July 19th, and it will be held at the Celtic Junction, 836 Prior Ave N, St. Paul. We would love to have bagpipes a bit in the morning during registration (8:45am-9:15ish), and/or before the awards ceremony in the afternoon. Unfortunately we are unable to pay anything.

Contact Stephanie Claussen if you are interested.
Phone: 651. 647.1139

Musicians for Theatre Performances (On Campus)

Seeking musicians for the band in WORKING. The musical based on Studs Terkels book will be produced by the UMN department of Theatre Arts and Dance this fall. Looking for experienced guitar, keyboard and drum player.

Rehearsals: weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons from Sept 9-Oct 30.
Technical Rehearsals: Sept 17 - Oct 30 nightly
Performances: Thurs-Sun Oct 30 - November 9.

The band will not be called to every rehearsal but to some. The band must however be available for the entire tech period and for every performance.

There is a very small stipend available for musicians.
Credit available for student musicians.

Also looking for rehearsal pianist. This person would have a much greater time commitment (being in nearly every rehearsal) and there is a stipend attached to the position.

Working is being directed by Associate Professor Lisa Channer and director Samantha Johns. Musical director is Marya Hart. It will perform in the Thrust Theatre in Rarig.

If you are interested, please contact Lisa Channer with a brief description of your experience and to set up an audition. Feel free to send questions in the same email.
We look forward to hearing from you.


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Volunteer Choir(s) for Non-Profit

CEAP (Community Emergency Assistance Programs) in Brooklyn Center is a non-profit community based organization the meets families basic needs that are in crisis such as food, clothing etc. During our Holiday Program we distribute toys to families for children during the season.

CEAP is seeking small choirs or musical groups that would be willing to sing for a period of time during the week of Monday, December 16th - Thursday, December 19th in our lobby as families pick up their toys.


Vocal Ensemble for Senior Citizens Group

We are seeking a small student vocal ensemble to volunteer to provide a 30-45 minute performance and discussion for the "Joy in Learning" senior group on Wednesday, December 11, 12:30-1:15 pm. Vocal pieces could include holiday, seasonal, and peace-related as our group is diverse in secular and spiritual backgrounds.

Minneapolis Public Schools' Community Education program in the Prospect Park neighborhood has a program of 12-20 seniors who meet monthly for a luncheon and guest presentation. The "Joy in Learning" group is co-sponsored by Pratt Community Education and the Southeast Seniors Block Nurse program.

The presentation could be a mix of performance and discussion by the students of: why did they decide to major in music at the U, what brought them to the University of Minnesota, what are their career hopes, what are the broader issues they see in support of the arts in our current day culture, and any other pertinent issues? The presentation could be an exchange with the seniors' questions as well as comments.

Some in the group are retired U of M professors. Many in the group are U of M alumni. And some are also musicians. We are seeking not just a performance but also an enriching discussion for the students to share some current day insights of studying music at the U of M.

We are located at 66 Malcolm Ave. SE, but meet at Prospect Park United Methodist Church, 22 Orlin Ave. SE, right across the street from Pratt School.


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