Lucid dreaming

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As I was reading about dreams in consciousness chapter, I started recalling all the movies with dream factor in them. One of them is Vanilla Sky by Cameron Crowe. The movie introduced the idea of commercializing the lucid dreams. By definition lucid dreaming "consider a phenomenon that challenges the idea that we're either totally asleep or totally awake" (p171), or simply being aware of the fact that we dreaming while we dream. So if we can be conscious while lucid dreaming, them why can't we control our lucid dreams?
This question really exited me so I did little research and I wound one very interesting website www. This web site dedicated to techniques of controlling and improving lucid dreaming experience. After reading a bit of here and there on the website, I discover that the principal technics of lucid dreaming are similar to meditation and summed in idea of controlling our thoughts and discipline our minds. It was very amusing to read through some the articles like "how to have lucid dreams" or "how to perform reality checks" or "how to remember your dreams".
I don't know how many times in my life I did not want to wake up because of a good dream or times when I woke up from a good dream feeling great and energized. So, this idea of using and controlling lucid dreams could be the therapy of the future and possible be commercialize to the point where we can go to a spy and have a lucid dream session. Wouldn't be great to be able to pick you dream from a catalog of lucid dreams? I believe with the current speed of medical technology progress "lucid dream spy" are not that far out in our future.

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