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October 23, 2006


As I was walking around this past weekend, I tried to notice things that would fall under this blog prompt. I was able to come up with a couple oppositions in our lives. First of all, it can get very cold in the winter months in Minnesota. I couldn’t imagine living outside in December or January. Our solution to the cold is shelter and heat. Without heat, we would slowly die. Heat has been around forever with fire as a source. From fire, we have developed using gas and electricity. Another opposition we have is overcrowding. Having over 400,000 people living in Minneapolis just doesn't work. Our resolution to this opposition of overcrowding is building up. We build apartment buildings and houses multiple stories so less space is occupied. I thought of a problem that may be an opposition, and doesn't yet have a solution is cancer. Cancer takes lives at an absurd rate, and we don't have a cure for it yet. It is man against a phenomenon. We don't know why we get cancer, and we don't know how to stop it, but we have thought of ways to slow it down and make it go away for periods of time (chemo). This is the biggest opposition of our time, as we struggle to find a resolution for it.

October 9, 2006


As I was trying to think of phenomena to write about for this prompt, I came across the idea of volcanoes. I chose to talk about volcanoes because they are such an amazing part of life. The power that is exerted from them is unbelievable and is simply miraculous. They involve things, framework, and clockwork. A volcano consists of many things. Rocks and magma are two things that are heavily involved in volcanoes. The rocks and magma have a measurable mass, and each has their own attributes. The framework of a volcano would be the landmass that it occupies, where the magma is exerted from beneath the earths surface. Clockworks are involved in volcanoes because we have the ability to predict when the "next big one" is expected. We may not be able to say that a volcano will erupt on Wednesday the 2nd, but volcanoes act in clockworks so we can say that a volcano erupts every fifty years.


October 2, 2006

My Meaningful Place

When thinking of a meaningful place, I thought of the time I spent overseas. I traveled to the U.A.E. during my senior year of high school (2005) and it was an amazing place. Everything there seemed to fascinate me, from the people to the buildings to the natural landscape. One night we, went on a tour through the dessert. Sounds kind of crazy, but we got to fly off of dunes in our SUV. Being out in the middle of nowhere gave me a tranquil, relaxed attitude. I couldn't think of anything but how big the dessert was. It went on and on for miles. When the night settled, everything was simple. I use the word simple because there were no televisions being tuned, or no stock market analyzing, the life there was in its own time. I have a lot of appreciation for this place, because I was so relaxed in a foreign land. The sand was so fine, it was just like beach sand through my toes. The genius loci can be described by the people who worked at this camp in the dessert. The hold the energy and spirit of this place, because live this way everyday. Every morning they woke up to a enormous sunrise over the dunes. These people that worked here got to experience life’s little pleasures that we don't get to experience all the time in our everyday lives.

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