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MWP Writer Publishes New Book

MWP TC Ann Marie Mershon Publishes Another Book
Istanbul's Bazaar Quarter: Backstreet Walking Tours

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The walks in this book will lead you to an enchanted world beyond the noisy hurly burly of Istanbul's Covered Bazaar. Ann Marie Mershon and Edda Renker Weissenbacher show you ancient caravan inns, hidden courtyards and gardens, the small workshops that still produce fine pieces in gold, silver, and copper along with the fascinating people who do the work. Let's face it, the normal tourist trip to the souk is a nightmare of touts, tacky goods and astronomical prices. Follow these walks and you will come away with the real Bazaar Quarter, not the tourist trap, magical right down to the old Ottoman birdhouses up under the eves. I bought the book before going to Istanbul and looked up Ann Marie Mershon when I got there. The guide is the next best thing to walking with her in person. No one has done such justice to the Quarter since John Freely's Strolling Through Istanbul. Trust them both and you'll be in very good hands.

Review from Tom's Bookhouse