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March 15, 2010

MWP TC Wins Grant for Robotics-Based Inquiry

s benjamin.pngCongratulations to St. Paul science teacher, Susan Benjamin (ISI 2007), who has recently received a $10,000 Toyota Tapestry Grant to include robotics-based inquiry projects in the teaching of physical science . The project creatively titled "Robots Attack the Achievement Gap" draws on robotics instruction and problem solving to engage 6th graders in a variety of science and math learning adventures. As Susan further describes the project,

Typically, the subject of robotics is available to children only through after school programs or in a "gifted and talented" class. This Tapestry Project takes a different approach; special robotics instruction will be provided to the sixth graders at Achieve Language Academy with the lowest skill levels in math and science. These targeted students will then become the robotics experts in their science classrooms, where they will teach their peers while completing a series of Robotics Inquiry Projects. This Tapestry Project includes a week-long off campus experience at STARBASE Minnesota, where students will work to solve science and engineering problems in the context of space exploration. Finally, the sixth graders will work in teams to complete a Capstone Robotics Project that will require them to apply what they have learned about physical science and robotics to a real engineering problem from daily life. These final projects will be demonstrated to families and the school community at a Robot Celebration held in the spring.

Visit The Toyota Tapestry Grants homepage for more information on other award winning school-based projects and/or to learn how you can apply for your own technology and science learning adventure.