Criss Cross

Criss Cross by Lynne Rae Perkins

crisscrossl.jpg She wished
something would happen.

Something good.

To her.

Looking at the bright, fuzzy picture in the
magazine, she thought, Something like that.

Checking her wish
for loopholes,
she found one.

Hoping it wasn't
too late, she thought
the word soon.

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How would living in DUluth a long time ago compare with the experiences of the adolescents in Criss Cross? What would be the same and what would be different? USe examples.

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I want to be like you

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In the beginning of the book Criss Cross, Debbie attempted to emulate her sister Chrissanne. She wore her makeup, took her clothes and wanted to be her. Most adolescents go through this experience if they have an older sibling or other party that they looked up to. Did you ever experience this and how did it affect your coming of age transition?

By Emily Haine, Anna Hoffman and Jayme Bennett

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Criss Cross: Finding the Truck Cab in Your Life

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As adolescents, we all experienced those weird, awkward moments! You can't deny it!! What made you awkward as an adolescent? How did you get over those moments? And where was your safe haven or "truck" where everything seemed normal?

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Dan and Debbie

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Do the situations we perceive and the feelings we get from the experience actually relate to what actually happens in the dialogue? Have you ever been in this situation and when did you realize that you were in this type of situation?

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Criss Cross made a lot of references to the hopes and dreams that adolescents have. Hector dreamed of playing the guitar after going to the concert with Rowanne. Debbie wished she could go somewhere and have an interesting life. What was your biggest dream growing up? Do you think it empowered you or disempowered you? Why? How have your dreams changed since you were an adolescent? (i.e are they more practical? less creative?)

Cassandra Rice
Amanda Powers

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