The Body Eclectic

The Body Eclectic: An Anthology of Poems by Patrice Vecchione

The Body EclecticThe first poetry anthology for teens to address one of their foremost concerns-the body.Experienced anthologist and teacher Patrice Vecchione has put together an immensely powerful group of poems, all of which address a unifying theme of major interest to teens-the body. Drawing on poems both serious and silly and poets from Shakespeare to Lucille Clifton, The Body Eclectic looks at what our bodies are, what they are not, how we love them and taunt them, what they give us, and what they take away. A wonderful collection of poems on a hot topic for teens, and a perfect gift and companion in one of the most universal struggles of adolescence.

Patrice Vecchione is the editor of Revenge and Forgiveness, Truth and Lies, and The Body Eclectic, anthologies of poems for teenagers, as well as several adult anthologies. She is also a poet and teaches poetry to children and adults in schools, libraries, and community centers. Patrice lives in Del Rey Oaks, California.

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homage to my hips (p. 65)


In the poem 'homage to my hips' Lucille Clifton shows that she has a very positive image of her hips and her body. Have you ever felt your body was inadequate compared to all the images of the perfect body that surround us in today's society? If so, did you overcome it? How? And if not, how did you resist?

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We Wear the Mask (29)


In the poem We Wear the Mask the author, Paul Laurence Dunbar, talks about how we put on a “mask? to hide our true feelings. We may feel sad, lonely, happy, excited, tired, disturbed, etc., but for some reason we choose not to express these emotions. Maybe it is because someone else we know is hurting and we do not want to show our happiness; therefore, we share in their sadness. Maybe we are sad and we do not want anyone to know so we hide behind our smile. What masks have you worn? What masks are you wearing? Why do you put these masks on? What effect did wearing this mask have on your day? What effect did you see it have on others?

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Crying (P. 70)


In the poem "Crying" by Galway Kinnell, the author talks about how crying can be a way to let your worries fall away. Don't cry a little bit but just let it all come out. In todays society many people are told to bottle up their feelings, have you ever hid your feelings out of embarrassment and regretted it later? If not how do you release stress to get back to your happy, smiling self?

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The Clown, My Heart (p. 9)


The poem, "The Clown, My Heart" by Sandra Cisneros, describes the variety of feelings that our heart can experience. What are some of the adolescent experiences that kids hearts are effected by in our world today? As teachers of adolescents' what directions do you think the hearts of kids are turning to most in our society?

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Planting Initiation Song (pg.8)


In the poem, Planting Initiation Song, by the Osage People, it talks about all the types of foot prints they've made in their life time, what types of footprints do you think you've made in your life, or someone elses'? What type of footprints would you want to make in the future?

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Scars by William Stafford (P 24)


The poem talks about the different attitudes people have towards scars. How do scars change the way you feel about certain things? How does a person attain a scar? Can a scar be a good thing? Do you have a scar?

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I chose this poem because it seemed very interesting. It made me think of different bridges we use in our lives. What kind of bridges do you see in your life? For example, the bridge to your future may be for education.

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Concrete Poem

hot comb, sarah011.jpg

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