What Have You Lost?

What Have You Lost? by Naomi Shihab Nye

whathaveyoulost.jpgWhat have you lost? A friend? A brother? A wallet? A memory? A meaning? A year?

Each Night

dream news,
then fade.
These darkened walls.

Here, I say.
Climb into
this story.
Be remembered!

By Naomi Shihab Nye. Photographs by Michael Nye.

-Choral Poetry

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and sometimes i hear this song in my head

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What songs do you run through your head to make you feel calm in times of stress? What is the meaning of the song? What is it’s meaning to you?


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How does monotony and the dreariness in our lives influence how we perceive our world and interact with the world and others?

-Robin & Rachel

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What could you pack into a suitcase that would mean home to you?


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Taking My Son to His First Day of Kindergarten

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How do you think you will feel when you send your son or daughter off to school for the first time? Change is one of the most feared occurrences in life…. How do you deal?

-Erin & Brittany

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Do you view death as a negative or positive transgression, or even a transgression at all? Why?

-Nate & Ryan

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Playing for You

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Do we continue to see through the other’s eyes, once a relationship has been dissolved? If so, how does this manifest itself?

-Mary F. Wright

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Regret on the Way to an Airport

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What do you think the author is regretting? The author of “Regrets on the Way to an Airport? uses metaphors to stress the regret they feel. Write your own metaphor and relate it to a regret you have.

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Secret of Life

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Pick a sentence in the “Secret of Life?, and relate one of those secrets to your own life.

-Anna & Lissa

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