September 19, 2006

Inquiry by Design

'Inquiry By Design' is a sort of philosophy I have come to embrace through my years as a student studying design. It was inspired by a book by John Zeisel of the same title. 'Inquiry By Design' is characterized by the notion of asking, examining, investigating, questioning and therefore learning through design. It involves observing behavior, interviewing, analyzing... effective researching to enhance design. Research doesn't have to be scientific, just exloratory. How can we make design better? By learning from what has already been accomplished, by measuring the qualities and analyzing impact. That is 'Inquiry By Design'.

I have a passion for researching about design, specifically how the environment impacts human behavior and vice versa. In many ways this course has been designed to evoke this sense of inquiring through design and will enable me to work out this passion. This blog will be my tool in expressing to others my thoughts and ideas about design and its impact on our lives. To all those who take the time to read this blog... I hope you enjoy it and to those who are using this same tool of expression... I look forward to reading yours.

Best. M.