Are Advertisements Pornographic?

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Advertisements are the biggest ways to sell products in the world. They can tell stories and cause emotions to people to make them want to buy things that the company is selling. For example the photo above, shows a couple with a woman half naked lying on top of a man. Blog 2 Photo.jpg For those not familiar with abercrombie and fitch, they sell clothing for teenagers (mostly) but I see a lot of preteens shopping whenever I walk by or enter their stores. The advertisers want you to feel arousal and happiness and spontaneity because of the locations where these pictures take place. They seem to take place in woods, outdoor areas and places where you wouldn't normally take off your clothes and stand around. Is this message really appropriate for these preteens coming into the stores? In this article. Men are even said to be embarrassed by the pictures, turning away or simply not looking at them while walking around in the mall. Are these marketers trying to sell the clothing on the models? Or are they trying to get you to buy their overpriced merchandise by luring you in with these ads that usually only show abercrombie brand jeans? What do you feel about these types of advertisements in the malls? Do you scoff and find them gross or do you think they are harmless and a good way to sell their merchandise?

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