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The Hunger Games: From Faking to Affection

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Blog 3 Photo.jpgThe Hunger Games has recently become a popular to many teens and young adults as being "the next Twilight romance story". This story, for any people that have not heard about it, is about two teenagers who are forced into an annual game that forces 24 children from 12 districts, one boy and one girl, between the ages 12-18 to be placed in an arena to fight to the death. The main character of the book, Katniss, is forced to participate with the other (male) tribute from her district, District 12, named Peeta. While working together, Katniss was suggested to fake affection with this boy to get sponsors to help them get medicine, food and other items to help them win the games. However, at the end of the first book, Katniss seems to start to have a grown affection for Peeta. I believe that this is because of the 3 reasons for love and attraction shown in our textbook. Proximity, Similarity, and Reciprocity. While participating in the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta end up living in a cave in the arena. They are forced to live together in these close perimeters and soon start talking about their "fake" affection. This is an example of Proximity. In the cave, they started discussing their lives, and soon realize they have a lot in common with each other. This is an example of Similarity. And the final reason, Reciprocity, is shown when in the Games, Katniss decides to risk her life to save Peeta because he has risked his life 2 times before to save her own life and feels the need and desire to repay him for his kindness and love. This topic about Katniss' affection is very controversial between some fans, for whether Katniss loves Peeta, or her best friend, Gale. This made me interested in an article by the New York Times called, "A Man. A Woman. Just Friends?" This describes how our culture is so obsessed with love and relationships cannot be as simple as two people being friends. Can Katniss really be "Just Friends" with Gale? What do you think?

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