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Hezbollah clashes with government in Lebanon

The New York Times reported (http://
that on Tuesday, militant, Islamist group Hezbollah clashed with government supporters and blocked roads in Beirut. Three people died and over 100 were wounded during the clashes.
The protest was called off after the day, but Hezbollah warned that more protests could ensue.
Hezbollah was protesting what they said was the corruption of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, a Sunni Muslim.
Hezbollah called for Mr. Siniora's resignation, and also for their own veto power within a "unity" government.
The NY Times article's lead felt a little too long and descriptive. I also didn't like how the article brought up points about the Lebanese civil war and didn't elaborate on the history of the situation. A CNN article ( had a similar lead. I found it interesting that, on both of the web page headlines, each news outlet mentioned that three people died, yet both sources left out this fact in the lead. The CNN article went much deeper into the upcoming conference in Paris and it's economic implications for Lebanon.
In my opinion I don't think both news outlets needed to say that Hezbollah is supported by Iran in the lead because Iran wasn't mentioned anywhere else in either article.