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Miami to hold party after Castro's death

The city of Miami is making plans to throw a celebration in the Orange Bowl whenever Cuban President Fidel Castro dies, according to msnbc.com (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16872448/).
The city commission recently appointed a committee to coordinate the event.
The planning has become more specific since last summer when Castro became ill.
Miami's large ex-patriot population is very hostile toward Castro and the Cuban government. The Orange Bowl is significant because it was the site of President Kennedy's 1961 "Free Cuba" speech and a refugee camp for Cubans during the 1981 Mariel boatlift.
According to a CNN report, a leader of the Miami-based Democracy Movement organization worried how the party might be percieved outside of Miami's ex-Cuban population (http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/01/29/miami.castro.ap/index.html)
The MSNBC article quotes the Miami city commissioner involved in planning the party and balances the article by quoting the Democracy Movement leader who was opposed to the party. I personally would've liked to hear the opinions of local Cubans immigrants and non-Cubans living in Miami. The CNN article also attributed a former state representative offering some interesting insight about the implications of the party. I found it interesting that the articles shared some of the same quotes. In my opinion, this showed a lack of in-depth reporting.