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Australia to change lightbulbs to curb warming

The Australian government announced Tuesday that it plans to ban incandescent lightbulbs in an effort to limit Greenhouse gas emissions, according to a Reuters report (http://www.reuters.com/article/gc06/idUSSYD26236520070220).
Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that incandescent bulbs would be replaced with flourescent bulbs by 2009. Incandescent bulbs will be impossible to buy because they won't meet energy efficiency standards.
Turnbull also said that the ban would reduce gas emission by around one million tons and lower household energy bills by 66 percent.
According to an AP report, incandescent bulbs lose most of their energy in their form of heat (http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2007/02/20/ap3444865.html).
Efforts at similar bans have occured in California and New Jersey, while Fidel Castro launched a very similar program two years ago in Cuba.
Environmentalists commended the plan, but also called it a small step. They stressed Australia's need to curb emissions from coal power stations and other industry.

The Reuters article takes a hard news approach to the article, keeping the information concise. It focuses on the Australian government perspective. I thought it's focus was too narrow. It should've gotten quotes from environmentalist leaders and other countries' leaders. The AP had a much broader focus. It used good comparisons from other nation's that have implemented similar programs, and it offered an environmentalist perspective.