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Man crashes plane in ex-in-law's house, killing himself and daughter

An Indiana pilot and his 8-year-old daughter both died in a plane crash Monday, after crashing a small aircraft into the home of the pilot's ex-mother-in-law in what police are calling a murder suicide, according to a Reuters report (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/category/story.cfm?c_id=30&objectid=10427429).
Police said that shortly after the crash, the girl's mother reported her daughter missing when she didn't arrive at school after spending the weekend with her father, Eric Johnson, 47. Police speculate that Eric Johnson abducted his daughter after the two spent the weekend together on vacation.
Eric Johnson had recently divorced his wife, Beth Johnson, and they shared joint custody over their daughter Emily.
According to an AP report, Beth Johnson recieved a phone call from her ex-husband saying she'd never get Emily back (http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/1110AP_Plane_Hits_Home.html). This call was made shortly before the crash, but it is unknown whether it was made in the air or not.
The police are searching for notes and clues explaining Eric Johnson intentions. Investigators are also looking into whether or not the plane was functioning properly.
Beth Johnson and her husband divorced in November, a few months after she filed a restraining order against him for threatening him with a gun.
Toxicology tests on Eric Johnson have not been completed. No one in the home was injured during the crash.

The Reuters report is a straight news story that just scratches the surface, but it does do a nice job to cover the main points of the story. It supports most of its information with the police report. The AP article, uses many more quotes, and gathers outside information, to put the story into a little more context. The lede here is a quote, and in this case I think it's a fairly effective one. It quotes Vivian Pace, the mother-in-law who's house was crashed into, several times. Beth's story is told through her, most likely because reporters didn't wanted to overwhelm Beth. This article does a great job near the end, compiling details of the Johnson's marriage and divorce to offer insight into the incident without making any accusations. I thoroughly enjoyed the AP article.