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Man killed in drug deal gone awry

A man died in shooting Wednesday evening after a drug deal went awry on St. Paul's West Side, according to a Minneapolis Star Tribune report (http://www.startribune.com/467/story/1040980.html).
Robert Renville, 20, was shot while riding in a car shortly after 6 p.m. near the intersection of Ohio and Stevens Streets, according to police. Renville was taken to Regions Hospital shortly after where he died.
Several shots were fired into the car, and two of the other people riding were also injured.
According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Livon Lucket, 19, was shot in the leg and Russell Robinson, 40, was shot in the arm (http://www.twincities.com/mld/twincities/news/local/16856534.htm).
Lamont Wilson, 24, was arrested by police on suspicion of homicide.
Police officials had originally thought this was a gang related crime, but after further investigation concluded that the violence had been related to a drug deal gone bad.

Both of these articles were very similar. I thought it was interesting that the Press article focused on the fact that police had determined that it wasn't gang-related, putting that fact in the lead. I later realized that there have been several gang-related crimes in the last few weeks in St. Paul, which makes for the confusion. However, I still don't know that this fact merits lead status. I think the details of the murder should get the most attention. Both articles were a little light on the details, particularly the Tribune article, which excluded everybody's name except Renville.