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Oakdale teen arrested after police find dead baby

A 17-year old girl was arrested Wednesday after police found her newborn baby dead in a garbage can outside her Oakdale home, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press (http://www.twincities.com/localnews/ci_5647156?nclick_check=1).
The girl's identity has not been released. The baby was found in the 1700 block of Hinton Trail in Oakdale. Oakdale police searched the house after being notified by the St. Paul police of an anonymous 911 call that had to do with an abandoned baby.
The teen is being held at Washington County jail on suspicion jail. Charges depend on an autoposy.
According to the MInneapolis Star Tribune, the baby appeared to be injured (http://www.startribune.com/467/story/1115553.html). The girl is a student at Tartan High School. No other people are being investigated by police currently.

Both these stories were very brief, but their were a few key differences. The Press article, although its circulation more heavily falls in the Oakdale area, covered the story in much less depth. It was basically a blurb in the Press, while the Tribune fleshed it out into a full story, be it short. I also thought it was interesting that the Press said the girl's identity was not released, which was true, but the Tribune gave much more clues as to who she was, saying where she went to school and talking about her work. The Tribune story also dealt with the discovery of the body in fuller detail. Also, I found it interesting that the Tribune article ended the story talking about recent stories about babies being abandoned and the efforts to stop this thing from happening. Also, I was wondering why the Press referred to the girl as a "woman" when she is only 17.