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Plane crash injures three from Hibbing

Three members of a Hibbing family were injured Saturday after their plane crashed while attempting to land at Amery airport, according to the Associated Press (http://www.startribune.com/462/story/1151225.html). Nobody involved in the crash suffered serious injuries.
The three involved, Lawrence Stoffel, 64, his wife, Rowena Stoffel, 28, and their 6-year-old child, were taken to a nearby hospital, but none had suffered serious injuries.
Lawrence Stossel was trying to land the plane, a single-engine Cessna, when the plane came down into some trees near the runway.
Firefighters put down foam to stop leaking fuel from igniting.
According to the Pioneer Press, the crash occurred at about 4:30 Saturday (http://www.twincities.com/minnesota/ci_5776163?nclick_check=1).
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the causes of the crash.

Both these stories were very short and contained the same information. I think some more vigorous reporting could've been done. Neither story bothered to get a quote from police, or firefighters, or FAA officials. There was minimal description of the crash. The story served its purpose by providing the basic who, what, where, when but did much little. The only thing different between these articles I found interesting was that the Pioneer Press waited much later in the article to say that the family's injuries were minor. It makes me think they were trying to draw the reader in, making the reader wonder whether they are ok or not.