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Police shoot suspects in two unrelated cases

Two armed men attempting to rob a bar on the North Side of Minneapolis were shot by a police officer who was at the bar Monday afternoon, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune (http://www.startribune.com/467/story/1154637.html). The two men emerged from the bathroom of the bar, Legends Bar & Grill at 825 E. Hennepin Av., wearing ski masks and holding guns at about 3:30 p.m. By chance Sgt. Bill Blake, who was on duty and in civilian clothes was sitting at the bar with his cousin. Bill Blake pulled out his gun and yelled "police" before firing at the assailants. One of the men's gun was shot out of his hand. The other man was shot. The suspects fired no shots and escaped out the door. Blake tried to run after the suspects, but lost them after making sure everyone in the bar was ok.
One suspect turned himself in after suffering injuries. The other is still at large.
In an unrelated incident Monday, MInneapolis police officer Tony Adams was working in the North Side when someone aimed a sawed off shotgun at his vehicle around noon.
Adams heard the suspects shoot off several gunshots when he saw them come around a corner. One aimed a shotgun at him. Adams fired several shots at them. A car chase ensued with the suspects shooting at Adam's car, and Adams shooting out the suspect's rear windshield. An unidentified woman was driving the two shooters.
After the suspect's car stopped, one suspect pointed his gun and fled. The other and the driver remained in the car. Adams also discovered weapons and a baby in the car. Adams arrested the two suspects in the car and the suspect who fled was caught later.
According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the suspect's identities in the cases have not been released (http://www.twincities.com/localnews/ci_5788828?nclick_check=1). Blake is apparently a regular customer at Legend's. Police have seized two bicycles and a shotgun wrapped in a blanket in the bar shooting incident. Both officers Blake and Adams have been placed on paid leave as a result of the shootings.

I think the Tribune did a great job telling the stories, although I question the placement of them together. I think that there is a common theme, and it is very uncommon for two incidents like this to occur in one day. However, I think that readers might get the stories confused and some of the facts seem to blend together. However, I also don't like how the Press emphasized the bar story, and summarized the car chase shooting in one graph. I think the reporting here was thorough based on the deadlines. I would've liked the baby angle to be more fully developed by the Tribune in updated pressings. I also think the context of recent shootings in the middle of the story awkwardly separates the nut graph from the chronology and would've been better utilized as a closer. I liked how the Press got quotes from someone who works at the bar for added insight, something the Tribune lacked. Finally, I was confused why the Press article didn't mention the names of the police officers involved while the Tribune did. Is this to protect the cop?