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Kathryn Bigelow's victory- what are changed?

14dargis_CA0-articleLarge.jpgKathryn Bigelow is an actress and a director, and she finally won at the Academy Awards for best director and best film for "The Hurt Locker" beating Avatar's popularity. The movie's theme could be too serious, but her ability is beyond people's expectation.
According to the Washington Post, studies show that the number of jobs for women behind the camera have declined in recent years and fewer roles for women are turning up in major studio movies. One might call it "The Hangover" realization of Sunday's big party. Two days after Bigelow, 58, became the first woman to win the world's top film directing honor, Hollywood watchers say translating her victory into more female jobs may take years and depends as much on the business of moviemaking as awards.
Like this, her victory is very suggestive in terms of improvement of women's position as a director. This achievement is the second revolution compared to Denzel Washington and Halle Berry won best actor and actress at 2002's Oscar.
In addition, the New York Times compliments her achievement in that she broke the stereotype regarding the movies directed by female directors, which are love-oriented, not serious genres like wars or political related.
Many media are surprised, but they also expect women's activities in movie industry.

20100307_045700_orloske1_200.jpgThe younger brother, Eric John Orloske who killed his older brother, really regretted what he did. Last Saturday, the drunken brothers and one of his friends were planning for motorcycle trip, and the brothers started playing wrestling breaking the items in the house. Other friends left, but they were concerned about the brothers because they were drunk. When they came back, the older brother died, and Eric Orloske was nowhere. However, soon, he appeared drunk again and arrested. Even though Eric did not kill his brother on purpose, his feeling at the moment could not protect his brother.

[The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press dealt the same articles. However, the Pioneer Press did not update new information, but it shows that how many similar crimes like this happened in St.Paul, while the Star Tribune updated new information as well as attributed]

FBI arrested the man, 47-year-old Ivan Wayne Tencate, for distributing child porn in a public coffee shop in downtown Minneapolis Thursday.
According to the Star Tribune E.K. Wilson, FBI Special Agent, undercover FBI agents made contact with Tencate, who was using the screen name "iten 10" and sharing child pornography using a wireless IP address associated with a coffee shop on 3rd Avenue S. in Minneapolis. Subsequent surveillance identified the user as Tencate, the FBI said.
After he was arrested, he was ordered held pending a detention hearing.
Even though the WCCO deal with the similar article, it lacked of detailed explanation. For example, the StarTribune represented "undercover FBI agents made contact with...", but WCCO represented "the FBI said agents made contact with an individual using the screen name "iten10." This trivial word choice can make people easily understandable. Therefore, the media should choose each word carefully.

Obama's huge project of reforming education law

The Obama administration has pushed forward with their education plan in spite of some concerned voices. The main point of the law is that the law will focus more on individual's academic growth including omphensive aspects than just pass-fail grading system. The administation has plenty of confidence emphasizing on making better educational enviornment and tries to help all students to go to colleages and get careers.

However,according to the New York Times, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said of the proposal, "From everything that we've seen, this blueprint places 100 percent of the responsibility on teachers and gives them zero percent of the authority." There are some negative views about the law.

Unlike the New York Times, the Star Tribune's overal atmosphere of the issue is positive. Daniel Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators, said he is glad to see No Child Left Behind go away.
"We're delighted over that," he said. "We have not been a fan of No Child Left Behind."
It will be expected severe controversial between American Federation of Teachers and American Association of School Administrators.

Among the confusion of the earthquake, Sebastián Piñera, a so-called "reconstruction president", sworn in as President on Thursday, and his will to overcome those masses is really vigorous.
According to the New York Times, which mainly dealt with Mr. Piñera's future plans for reconstruction,"We aren't going to just reconstruct what the earthquake and tsunami destroyed," he said. "We are going to rebuild Constitución into something much better."
Meanwhile, the Star Tribune focused more on Chile's current status including explanation of the last month's earthquake as well as detailed circumstances.
Even though Piñera is passionate to reconstruct and make his people relief, many people are still horrified with the disaster.

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