May 8, 2008

my overall reflection

This class has taught me many different things and i have tried my best to demonstrate those skills into my final project and I hope that everyone sees that as well. Content, context and form are the main features to begin any story and to me these three are the basic tools that help shape the entire story.
I also, got to hear my classmate’s ideas and thoughts about my ongoing projects, which I thought was very supportive and honest feedback that I have ever got in any class. Moreover, I also learned about their stories and their media making experience, which makes me, realized that we were all in the learning phase. All the blog post and videos that we created was just too good to watch because each and every single person used different ways to tell the story. Some chose to bring the personal aspect of it and some were for the educational purposes.
I also learned the technical aspect of the media making such as holding a camera in a proper position and when to take an eye level shot vs. when to bring the shot from the bird angle. In addition to that, I learned about the various feminist media makers such as Judy Chicago and her personal take on media making. It was fascinating to see how motivated she was toward her work and she can be call as an inspiration for many people. I personally, liked her take on the feminist media and how one should go beyond to achieved the desire goal. I will take all of this aspect of theoretical and practical tools further in my future work. In addition to that, I will continue to make videos of my family and my personal experience in life. When I made the videos for the class it gave me a sense of satisfaction and achievement and I will continue on this journey throughout my life. Although, I wish I could learn the Final Cut as well but I guess there is always a next time.

May 6, 2008

Theories and Practice

Theories and Practice:
My final project is based on a history of two individuals Ota Benga and Ishi both suffered greatly due to being Native in this American land. I was inspired to do this project by reading articles for my women studies class on the topic of Freaks and how freaks were mistreated and became the object of gaze. In other word they were called as “monstrous? and “Freaks? because they were not normal like other people.

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May 5, 2008

quotes on what Freaks

Freaks in American Culture
Definitions of “Freaks? are individuals who are visually different than normal people.

“The freak, as we will call it, is a very wide and undefined category that includes many different genres from the very human to the extreme monstrous. To make it simple, we will limit ourselves to the human freaks, who have a mythological or mythical background or were displayed as human oddities in sideshows?
* “A thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular: A freak of nature produced the midsummer snow?.
* “An abnormally formed organism, especially a person or animal regarded as a curiosity or monstrosity?.
* “A sudden capricious turn of mind; a whim: “The freaks of the psyche can no more be explained than the Devil? (Maurice Collis).

history of Ota Benga and how he was treated in his life time..

History of Ota Benga and Ishi can be told in many different ways and many things can be said about the same story over and over.

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May 4, 2008

final project thoughts and progress...

story line and voice recording of the script is done. I am missing information on Ishi very much at time.
i found a great articles one is, "Freaks of Culture Institutions, Publics, and the Subjects of Ethnographic Knowledge" by Rachal Adams and another articles call "Introduction: From Wonder to Error- A Genealogy of Freak Discourse in Modernity" by Rosemarie Garland Thomson. Both articles talks about the Freak culture in detials and It also brought me the history of both Ota Benga and Ishi and how they were brought to the US trade and later sold.
I have also found a book call "The Third Eye" by Fatimah Tobing Rony who talks about the Cannibalism and her theories, practices and personal experience as being the object of the same gaze. I found all of these sources are great help so far my project is still not done so lets hope for the best.

March 25, 2008

reflection my storytelling 3/11

Making a digital story was a tough job but at the same time the learning process was interesting as well. I got to learn new techniques and methods to tell my story which I never knew before. This process was absolutely time consuming and hectic as I was not very familiar with the Mac computer, so all the hidden details I got to learn was fascinating at the end. I was very much familiar with the scanning and recording part so that went easy for me but editing the images, cropping and writing voice over was very difficult for me.

The course reading on the digital story telling part one was very interesting because it gave me an insight on how to write a narrative and pick a topic. Further more, it hence my knowledge on the story telling elements such as that we need a thesis to begin with, the body to go with and the end to justify our thesis. It gave me a good overview on how to critically think about all of these story-telling elements and to make a successful digital story. It also educated me about what makes a good story and what makes a boring and dull story. The digital story telling reading thought me the key elements to the successful digital story. It thought me that I need to watch out for the time and make it as specific as I can. In other word, convey the message without wasting so much time. This reading further gave some good examples to give me a sense of what consider to be a good story. In addition to that, it taught me different ways to tell a story such as adding emotion to make it look so dear to the audience.

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movie reflection on 3/18


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media watching progress 2/26

So far I have written my script and I know which pictures I want to add into my digital storytelling. I am excited and nervous because I do not know much of this new technology that I am and will be working with. This week I am focusing on editing and sound recording on my storytelling. Although, I really think my piece goes along well without music because my story is about my family. And you can see their happy faces to realize happiness without bringing happy music to the sound track. As a result, I am going to avoid any music in my piece. Editing, I like my script the way it is. Now only I wished that I started ahead of time so that I could re-record my script over with a better voice quality. I am planning to use to different types of medium for pictures such as some dissolved images and some shaded images as well. I am not planning to add any special effect into any of these images cause I do not know how to work in the Photoshop again. But, I will love to work and learn how to use Photoshop for my future storytelling.

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February 27, 2008

Southern Comfort

My critical response is on the movie call Southern Comfort by Kate Davis. It is a documentary movie which brings us an insight about the transgender struggle to live in this society and what humiliation they have to go throughout their life. This movie was really shocking to me because of several reasons. First of all, I have heard of the transgender, the gay and the lesbian relationship but until now I have never felt so emotionally attach to their pain and grief. This movie brought an actual picture of the transgender community to me. In our daily life we get so busy that we never get a chance to ponder over what type of struggle other people go through in their life. We always try to think of our problem, how sad and how tough our lives are and most importantly we care a less about anyone else.
This movie was different than any other movies I have ever seen before. I actually, liked the depth and the flawless emotion in this movie. In fact, the struggle that Robert went through in his life seems unbearable. What was most shocking in this movie that his mom had actually didn’t approve of him as a transgender. Furthermore, Robert mentioned in his documentary that when he told his mom that he/she is not a lesbian rather a transgender his mom said I wish you would just stayed as a lesbian then what you are. I felt those words were really painful and it must have hurt his feeling. Later, in the movie hospital refuses him to be admitted because they thought he would bring humiliation for them. Some doctors said that they cannot accept him in their hospital because they cannot put him along the rest of the patients such as in OBGYN. It was really sad to see him dying with no medical assistant and with no community help beside his own transgender community. No one even bother to fight for his right and dignity and he passed away keeping all of his pain inside. Apart from that I really like Robert’s personality because even though he was fighting and struggling through his life but he never lost his hope to live. He was a happy man as anyone else could have been; however, at times his face did show the signs of cruel harshness of this world.
In addition to that, there were times when Robert’s friends were discussing their life stories when one mentioned that although doctors have treated them in the past and gave them the desire look. However, they have not done the perfect job because they do not want us to look natural and there are always these things which separate us from the rest. Moreover, they think that today technology is capable of doing almost anything in any ways. And, if doctor wanted and wishes to make things look natural and more perfect then they should have but they chose to not make us look like the rest.
I personally think that and feel that it is time that we should stop discriminating people based on their gender and accept them as they are. Moreover, we should give them the same privilege as we have given others and there is no need to let them die and suffer till the end because overall they are human being just like us and we should respect that. At last, I think everyone has a right to chose what they want to be and our society should accept their decision and treat them well because if we don’t then the humanity will lost from this world.

some of the videos that i like...

In Memory of Ashley strieter

I chose this particular story because it is a story that I get inspiration to pursue my dreams and education in a way that I want too. When Ashley's friends can struggle through the life without her best friend's support so can I without the one I love. This story teaches you and motivates you to work harder no matter how hard and tough the path becomes to you. I also, love this story because it reminds me somehow of my own struggle with life.

I like this story because it shows the struggle of Immigrant's people and what they do to survive. Although, I know very well that this might not be true for all the immigrants, but for someone who have no one and they have to go on with their life by taking risk in order to survive in a given native land.

February 19, 2008

I love flowers

Reflection on Refarmings: New American Feminist Photographies

Reframings: New American Feminist Photographies
Editor is Diane Neumaier
She is a Scholar/ Photographer and Theory and Practices
Reframings is a story about women struggle and how they were depicted in the past. Some chapters of this book focused on the homosexual relationship verses heterosexual relationship. Moreover, it talks about how back in the day society wasn’t accepting these type of relationship and how women had to keep fighting for their right to live with equality and for their freedom of speech. The Author highlights and shares art theory and key issues like identity, race, history, memory, media and sexuality in this book; in addition to that, here re-framing mean constructing feminist “praxis?. There are different forms that are used to create this book some of them are photography, collage, image collection, pinhole photography, consumer camera, digital and large format photography, Quilt and layering text.

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February 5, 2008

More with regard to second post..

I learned a great deal from Judy Chicago video. Before the video I did not know who Judy Chicago was but now I know that, she is a very bold and honest intellectual. She has her own way of teaching her students on how to be self-assured and be a role model for others. She wants her students to freely express themselves and look at them in a practical and logical way. Moreover, she wants to bring her students most inner thought. In a video she mentioned that, “ it is not what I do but it is what I know because of studying about women?. She is mainly interested in women because she thinks that average Art Institute is interested in mainstream art and not in feminist or feminism. She also thinks that feminist art is about the expression of women’s struggle and men are driven toward being independent; where as, women are not and that is why they are struggling through it.
In addition to that, she thought that these students needed time to be strong and be bold and she was helping them by making them think beyond the boundaries. I personally liked her approach of teaching because at the end her students were really satisfied with their artwork and they were proud of themselves.

First Post

I am Sehar. I am an Art major. I have taken Rachel class last summer and I found it really interesting so I decided to take another class with her. I think She is an amazing professor in every aspect. What I like about her class the most is that she divide the course load in such a way so it doesn’t seems that you are just doing the stuff and not learning at all. I had an amazing time in her class last summer so anyone who hasn’t dealt with feminist theory and want to learn something then I suggest you are in a right place.
I have always enjoyed learning about the history of feminist movement and the their theories and who they dealt with the rising issue that was taking place around that time. After taking the class with Rachel last summer, I was able to understand more about those theories and concept better. I was able to think more critically about my gender role in a society and was able to distinguish my roots in a much better way. I have learn a great deal in my previous class and I am hoping to learn more this spring with Rachel and I am excited over it as the ride begins now.
I am looking forward to this semester as it is also my last term at the U so good luck to me.

Second Post

When I started watching the movie I had no idea who Judy Chicago was but now I am glad that I watched that video. I liked how Chicago works with her student to find their inner most interest. I know some people thought that, she was really harsh with her students but I believed it was because of her they achieved their true goals and succeeded in their artwork. I am also an Art student and while watching the movie I was thinking of ideas for my final project and how to make it more enjoyable and worth my time. I want to create something that represents my thoughts and ideas in clarity. More importantly, I want to get a clear message across my audience and want them to feel what I felt while making that particular artwork.
Overall, I really like Judy’s ways of approach toward her students. Judy had her way of talking to her students and making their vision right so they can be proud of themselves and I wish I had the pleasure to be in her class.