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When I started watching the movie I had no idea who Judy Chicago was but now I am glad that I watched that video. I liked how Chicago works with her student to find their inner most interest. I know some people thought that, she was really harsh with her students but I believed it was because of her they achieved their true goals and succeeded in their artwork. I am also an Art student and while watching the movie I was thinking of ideas for my final project and how to make it more enjoyable and worth my time. I want to create something that represents my thoughts and ideas in clarity. More importantly, I want to get a clear message across my audience and want them to feel what I felt while making that particular artwork.
Overall, I really like Judy’s ways of approach toward her students. Judy had her way of talking to her students and making their vision right so they can be proud of themselves and I wish I had the pleasure to be in her class.