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First Post

I am Sehar. I am an Art major. I have taken Rachel class last summer and I found it really interesting so I decided to take another class with her. I think She is an amazing professor in every aspect. What I like about her class the most is that she divide the course load in such a way so it doesn’t seems that you are just doing the stuff and not learning at all. I had an amazing time in her class last summer so anyone who hasn’t dealt with feminist theory and want to learn something then I suggest you are in a right place.
I have always enjoyed learning about the history of feminist movement and the their theories and who they dealt with the rising issue that was taking place around that time. After taking the class with Rachel last summer, I was able to understand more about those theories and concept better. I was able to think more critically about my gender role in a society and was able to distinguish my roots in a much better way. I have learn a great deal in my previous class and I am hoping to learn more this spring with Rachel and I am excited over it as the ride begins now.
I am looking forward to this semester as it is also my last term at the U so good luck to me.