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More with regard to second post..

I learned a great deal from Judy Chicago video. Before the video I did not know who Judy Chicago was but now I know that, she is a very bold and honest intellectual. She has her own way of teaching her students on how to be self-assured and be a role model for others. She wants her students to freely express themselves and look at them in a practical and logical way. Moreover, she wants to bring her students most inner thought. In a video she mentioned that, “ it is not what I do but it is what I know because of studying about women�. She is mainly interested in women because she thinks that average Art Institute is interested in mainstream art and not in feminist or feminism. She also thinks that feminist art is about the expression of women’s struggle and men are driven toward being independent; where as, women are not and that is why they are struggling through it.
In addition to that, she thought that these students needed time to be strong and be bold and she was helping them by making them think beyond the boundaries. I personally liked her approach of teaching because at the end her students were really satisfied with their artwork and they were proud of themselves.