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movie reflection on 3/18


Name: RACE
Stars: Saif Ali Khan , Akshaye Khanna , Bipasha Basu , Katrina Kaif , Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy .
Music Director: Pritam
Director: Abbas-Mastan
This movie was about friendship, love, money and power. I watched this movie on Friday night. This is an Indian movie so I expected to see glamorous outlook. This movie was shot in South Africa. I liked the action in the movie and I knew that this movie was loaded with the theories that we have been discussing in our class. I saw some shot in bird view angle as well close up shots. The placement of the lightning was great I thought. Star cast acted really well in the movie but it was all about money and how low one can go in the name of money. Race, is a story about two brothers who pretended to love each other. But the youngest brother never really loved his older brother, because older brother was always ahead of the youngest brother due to his experience in life. Youngest brother, tried to killed his older brother several time for the property purposes that is where actresses comes in. The movie confuses you couple of time because you do not know who is honest with who at this point. They are all going for the million-dollar insurance policy, which their late father had placed for them and I believe the insurance policy was worth 200 million dollar. This movie was great due to its great view. Of course actor and actresses acted well along with some humorous moment in the movie kept the audience laughing. In top of that, the suspense in the movie who will get the money and who won’t, grab audience attention fully until the end of the movie.