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reflection my storytelling 3/11

Making a digital story was a tough job but at the same time the learning process was interesting as well. I got to learn new techniques and methods to tell my story which I never knew before. This process was absolutely time consuming and hectic as I was not very familiar with the Mac computer, so all the hidden details I got to learn was fascinating at the end. I was very much familiar with the scanning and recording part so that went easy for me but editing the images, cropping and writing voice over was very difficult for me.

The course reading on the digital story telling part one was very interesting because it gave me an insight on how to write a narrative and pick a topic. Further more, it hence my knowledge on the story telling elements such as that we need a thesis to begin with, the body to go with and the end to justify our thesis. It gave me a good overview on how to critically think about all of these story-telling elements and to make a successful digital story. It also educated me about what makes a good story and what makes a boring and dull story. The digital story telling reading thought me the key elements to the successful digital story. It thought me that I need to watch out for the time and make it as specific as I can. In other word, convey the message without wasting so much time. This reading further gave some good examples to give me a sense of what consider to be a good story. In addition to that, it taught me different ways to tell a story such as adding emotion to make it look so dear to the audience.

When I started brain storming about my first digital story I knew that I wanted to make something feminist and eventually I ended up looking at my own pictures from the childhood to the adulthood. I began to question what do I like, what do I not like about this picture and whether this picture is telling its own story or not. That is how my initial process of digital story making went. But after knowing what I wanted to talk about I decided the search for the pictures and something that I wanted to share in my digital story telling piece to the audience. I choose the material that was relevant to my topic and the thesis. I found this process to be very interesting because until now I never questioned any of my pictures and tried find out the story behind it. I sort of started to interview myself and began to critically ask question to find out the truth and that is how I created this digital story script. After that came the process of editing, which I struggled with due to the lack of knowledge in new technology field, but I am glad that I got to learn new skills through this digital story telling process.

Eventually, with all that is going in my life, I worked hard through my first digital story for which I am very proud off.