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media watching progress 2/26

So far I have written my script and I know which pictures I want to add into my digital storytelling. I am excited and nervous because I do not know much of this new technology that I am and will be working with. This week I am focusing on editing and sound recording on my storytelling. Although, I really think my piece goes along well without music because my story is about my family. And you can see their happy faces to realize happiness without bringing happy music to the sound track. As a result, I am going to avoid any music in my piece. Editing, I like my script the way it is. Now only I wished that I started ahead of time so that I could re-record my script over with a better voice quality. I am planning to use to different types of medium for pictures such as some dissolved images and some shaded images as well. I am not planning to add any special effect into any of these images cause I do not know how to work in the Photoshop again. But, I will love to work and learn how to use Photoshop for my future storytelling.

I am also learning to work with new tools such as garage band and imovie. Although, I own Mac Book but I really never used any of these stuff before so it is really amazing how I can create new digital stories in just couple of hours. I am also not aware of how I am going to upload this digital story of mine into our course blog because again that I have never done.
Consequently, I am waiting until next week to learn how to upload my first digital story.