February 27, 2008

Southern Comfort

My critical response is on the movie call Southern Comfort by Kate Davis. It is a documentary movie which brings us an insight about the transgender struggle to live in this society and what humiliation they have to go throughout their life. This movie was really shocking to me because of several reasons. First of all, I have heard of the transgender, the gay and the lesbian relationship but until now I have never felt so emotionally attach to their pain and grief. This movie brought an actual picture of the transgender community to me. In our daily life we get so busy that we never get a chance to ponder over what type of struggle other people go through in their life. We always try to think of our problem, how sad and how tough our lives are and most importantly we care a less about anyone else.
This movie was different than any other movies I have ever seen before. I actually, liked the depth and the flawless emotion in this movie. In fact, the struggle that Robert went through in his life seems unbearable. What was most shocking in this movie that his mom had actually didn’t approve of him as a transgender. Furthermore, Robert mentioned in his documentary that when he told his mom that he/she is not a lesbian rather a transgender his mom said I wish you would just stayed as a lesbian then what you are. I felt those words were really painful and it must have hurt his feeling. Later, in the movie hospital refuses him to be admitted because they thought he would bring humiliation for them. Some doctors said that they cannot accept him in their hospital because they cannot put him along the rest of the patients such as in OBGYN. It was really sad to see him dying with no medical assistant and with no community help beside his own transgender community. No one even bother to fight for his right and dignity and he passed away keeping all of his pain inside. Apart from that I really like Robert’s personality because even though he was fighting and struggling through his life but he never lost his hope to live. He was a happy man as anyone else could have been; however, at times his face did show the signs of cruel harshness of this world.
In addition to that, there were times when Robert’s friends were discussing their life stories when one mentioned that although doctors have treated them in the past and gave them the desire look. However, they have not done the perfect job because they do not want us to look natural and there are always these things which separate us from the rest. Moreover, they think that today technology is capable of doing almost anything in any ways. And, if doctor wanted and wishes to make things look natural and more perfect then they should have but they chose to not make us look like the rest.
I personally think that and feel that it is time that we should stop discriminating people based on their gender and accept them as they are. Moreover, we should give them the same privilege as we have given others and there is no need to let them die and suffer till the end because overall they are human being just like us and we should respect that. At last, I think everyone has a right to chose what they want to be and our society should accept their decision and treat them well because if we don’t then the humanity will lost from this world.