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Guess what Minnesota has a soccer team.

Yes indeed, they are called the Minnesota Thunder. In the first home game the Thunder lost to the Vancouver Whitecaps. Apparently there was free beer at the event, had I known I would have gone. The Thunder play in the USL division one league.

This story is challenging because soccer is not the most popular sport in America. Which is evident because the game was free. The article I read was mostly for the Whitecaps because it is from a Canadian website.

The comparison article was from the Star Tribune and is very short.
Although they did get a quote from the head coach. However the recap of the game is very short compared to the first article. The Star Tribune article is boring compared to the first one. It really doesn't do much for the sport to have boring articles written.

I think that I am going to start free lancing stories to local papers about the wonder and beauty of soccer. Yes it will be biased, but biased towards a good cause, promoting soccer news. With David Beckham coming to the United States to play interest in soccer might elevate.