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Muslim girls feel unsafe at my old middle school.

Westwood Middle School in Blaine is receiving national attention due to incidents involving bullying of two Muslim girls. The story ran in the Pioneer Press.
Apparently Lori Saroya chairwoman of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on AmericanIslamic Relations says that the staff at the middle school aren't doing enough. The two girls report that they have been called terrorists and have had milk and food thrown at them.

I think the challenge in this story is dealing with minors which means getting the facts right could be difficult. These incidents are serious, but I remember middle school and most of the kids went out of their way to be especially mean to one another. I think another challenge is following up on this story, the reporter in this case could provoke change and action on the part of the superintendent. He would be more likely to get something done if the press continues to hound him.

My comparison story is from the Star Tribune and kind of sucks.
The reporter chose to quote the superintendent but only put one word in parantheses, "serious" how is that word interesting or colorful enough to deserve quotation. She would have done better to quote his entire statement or simply summarize. Also some of the quotes don't match between the Pioneer Press version and the Star Tribune, this could be that they each contacted their source separately and the source tried to say approximately the same thing.

I think that middle school was probably the worst period of time in my entire life.