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Nicolas Sarkozy is the new president of France

France hasn't had a new president in 12 years, Sarkozy steps in to replace Jacques Chirac.
In a story from Al Jazeera.net the new president is profiled.
The story is mainly biographical fluff about the new president.

The challenge for this story is that the only new aspect is that France has a new president. Everything is all talk until something happens that we can point to. For instance the story outlines where Sarkozy stands on important issues but until he actually does something there isn't much to report.

The Al Jazeera story is mainly straight line biography. I didn't notice how honest it was til I read a similiar story in the New York Times.
The New York Times story uses more loaded language and kind of skews the facts. For example Sarkozy intends to implement a minimum hourly work week, which the Al Jazeera story mentions. The New York Times story says Sarkozy intends to make people work longer. The Times story also mentions Sarkozy's opponent, Segolene Royal, who would have been the country's first female president. Royal is absent from the Al Jazeera story.

I think it is weird that the Al Jazeera story does not mention Royal at all, I don't want to read between the lines too much on this issue. I like the honesty and objectiveness of the Al Jazeera story, and I don't like how the Times article tries to skew the facts by using loaded language.