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Senators aim to strip President Bush of congressional authorization for war.

Senator Hilary Clinton is joining an effor to strip President Bush of his congressional authorization to go to war in Iraq. The move comes as the recent Iraq bill was vetoed by the President. Just like he said he would all along.
Basically according to Senators Byrd and Clinton the facts have changed and the original authorization to go to war is no longer valid. There are no weapons of mass destruction, so Iraq is not a security threat. I found this story in the Turkish Press, but is off the wires.

I had to click on this story because they chose a picture of HIlary Clinton that looks like she is committing an exorcism. It is not the most flattering picture. She looks angry and begs questions of bias and objectivity.
http://www.turkishpress.com/news.asp?id=174435. The challenge for this story is to provide both sides of the story, basically the White House versus Congress. The article fails I think because the White House is not quoted til the very end. Also the picture that was chosen is hard to look at really. I 'm not saying HIlary Clinton is ugly, by no means, she is a handsome woman, but this picture shows her being very angry and confrontational. Madly pointing her finger at someone unknown, probably President Bush. The article also mentions her initial vote to go to war and that this new measure might be a response to that. Perhaps she is covering her bases in preparation for her run for President.

McCain criticizes Clinton's new plan, is what I found to compare this story with.
"the worst possible idea that anybody could have," McCain said at a press conference in Reno. McCain stated that tying up the Senate with another measure that has no chance for success is futile and that we might be sending the wrong messages to our troops in Iraq.

I can't help but agree with McCain on this one, it seems like Clinton is just trying to make sure when debate time comes that she can answer resolutely that yes she did vote for the war but has since made moves to stop it.