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Another bomb scare in Boston

An Massachusetts Institute of Technology student who proudly displayed her art project in an airport was arrested on charges of posessing a hoax device and disorderly conduct. The student, Star A. Simpson, 19, a sophomore at M.I.T. had a circuit board taped to her sweatshirt and held a wad of modeling clay in her hands as she walked into Logan International airport. In a New York Times article police are quoted as saying Simpson is, "very lucky to be alive,� said Maj. Scott S. Pare of the state police, commanding officer of the airport’s security contingent. According to officers if Simpson hadn't cooperated she might be in the "morgue instead of a jail cell."

This is the second time that a bomb scare over circuit boards has caused a disturbance in Boston. The city spent $1 million cleaning up 38 circuit boards placed around the city as part of a guerilla marketing campaign by the Cartoon Network.

I found another article from the Tech, M.I.T.'s student newspaper which goes much more in-depth. The article states that the modeling clay was 5 to 6 ounces of Play-doh. I wonder who sat down and weighed out the Play-doh.

The second article has more detail but maybe too much. The article states that Simpson was waiting at the airport for her boyfriend to arrive. The article goes onto name the airline he was flying on and where it was coming from. I think just simply stating that the boyfriend was arriving at the airport is enough information. We don't really need to know this much.

Apparently M.I.T.'s news office calls Simpsons acts "reckless." I think I've injected too much opinion into this blog as it is so I'll stop here.

Also the two planes that struck the Twin Towers on 9/11 departed out of Logan INternational airport. So everything I might have said to criticize the response by police officers I now rescind.