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New U.S. Citizenship test easier to pass?

Immigration officials will issue a new test next October 1, 2008. The old test was pared down to 100 questions. Testing the new test revealed that pass rates went up from 84% to 92%.

I compared two takes on the story, one from Fox News and the other from the New York Times

The New York Times article is much more comphrehensive, the first three paragraphs are packed with information. Not that the Fox News article is not packed with information, but the New York Times article is structured more appropriately I think.

The Times article is more aware of the potential bias with this issue. It highlights the fight between Conservatives and Immigration advocates. The Fox News article makes no mention of the debate.

The Fox News article just seems confusing and poorly worded. The Times article manages to mention more with less words. For instance the Fox article mentions that Patrick Henry is no longer a subject of questioning. The Times article mentions Henry and Francis Scott Key and goes on to say who was added, Susan B. Anthony and Nancy Pelosi.

I should mention at this point that the Fox article is really from the Associated Press, so it is unfair to criticize Fox, while it is fair to criticize the A.P. Perhaps it is fair to criticize Fox because they could have taken the time work up a story similar to the New York Times one. The A.P. is very good at writing short stories that only have the facts. This story seems to need more space to explain, which the New York Times article does well. Usually the A.P. is very good at writing more with less words.