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The 3rd Attorney General under President Bush.

Alberto Gonzalez is on the way out and according to a New York Times article Michael B. Mukasey is on the way in. Mukasey is a former federal judge from New York. His presiding over several high profile cases gives him the credibility to fulfill the nation's top law enforcement position.

This story reads like a lot of stories about the inner workings of Washington. It seems to say we don't know for sure what is going to happen but this is our best guess based on all of this information. Sometimes I wonder whether Washington leaks information like Mukasey's appointment to Attorney General to kind of test the waters. To gauge how the press and pundits react. Almost like product testing or focus grouping. If the reaction is positive then a cursory official announcement will happen. The story cites "several people familiar with the decision," as it's credible source, this type of accreditation seems to happen a lot in stories about the government. It highlights the constant pressure on authors to find sources willing to have their name in print. Which is something we talked about in class. Even students and professors are wary of giving out personal information that is publicly available to all. Look at onestop, it lists almost everything, telephone, home address, and email.

Anyway I compared the New York Times article with this one
from United Press International. It says basically the same thing, leaving out the interviews with officials who weighed in with opinions. The two stories were published on the same day. One is a wire story and the other a newspaper story.