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Thompson "Preseason is over"

Fred Thompson said as he kicked off his race for the Presidency. The event drew approximately 200 people. According to Thompson he is the only true conservative in the race and that he doesn't belong to the Washington establishment. http://www.usnews.com/articles/news/politics/2007/09/09/at-long-last-fred-takes-the-big-plunge.html

The big question now is can he compete? Can he catch up to the other candidates who have been raising money and campaigning for months already?

Thompson was recently shaking hands in New Hampshire where he tried to play down the comparison with Ronald Reagan. "The only comparison I like with regard to Ronald Reagan — which nobody can live up to — is that he was so believable. He was such a good communicator because he believed so intensely in his principles and he stuck with them. The camera doesn't lie," Thompson said.

The first litmus test for Thompson will come on September 27th in Baltimore, when the GOP Presidential candidates will debate.

Thompson has played a President on the screen three times already, now it's for real.