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Air Force unknowingly carries nuclear arms across Nation.

The Los Angeles Times are calling it a chain of errors. Indeed, Air Force weapon examiners failed five times to recognize the type of bomb they were strapping into a B-52. Six nuclear weapons were flown from North Dakota to Louisiana. The weapons sat on the runway strapped to a plane for 24 hours. This is insane.

This is my favorite quote from the story, "For decades, it has been military policy to never discuss the movement or deployment of the nuclear arsenal. But Wynne said the accident was so serious that he ordered an exception so the mistakes could be made public." Referring to Air Force Secretary Michael W. Wynne who said at a Pentagon news conference. "We would really like to ensure it never happens again." Yes please do that.

So in other words similiar mistakes may have happened in the past, but we chose not to talk about them. Why now? With a bungling of this nature you would think they would try to put the lid on this right away. Putting on my conspiracy theory hat, I might venture a guess that someone is trying to undermine the Air Force. For what purpose I can't fathom.

So the military says they usually choose not to talk about "deployment of the nuclear arsenal," but earlier in the story it says, "That August flight, the first known incident in which the military lost track of its nuclear weapons since the dawn of the atomic age, lasted nearly three hours." Is this contradictory or merely proof that the military doesn't talk about their mishaps.

Again why release the information now, maybe the story was going to be broke by a lucky reporter, the military caught wind of it, decided to go on the offensive and admit guilt before someone else did it.