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Deputy goes on rampage.

Six are dead and one critically injured after an off-duty deputy goes on a shooting spree in the small town of Crandon, Wisc. The suspect was eventually killed by a sniper after a manhunt.

I found two articles that had different details. Since this event occurred early Sunday morning, officials are still gathering information and reporters are just behind them.

This article from the Chicago Tribune, fails to mention the suspect's name. Probably because the source he cited would not mention the name, but gave as much information as possible. That he was 20 years old and a Forest County deputy sheriff and worked part-time as a Crandon police officer.

This article from Voice of America news gives the suspects name, but cites police as their source. So it seems like they got the information from someone who did not want their name appearing in the story.

Some other discrepancies are that in the Chicago Tribune article different sources say different things about how the suspect was brought down. The mayor of Crandon, Gary Bradley, said, "He was brought down by a sniper." While Forest County Sheriff Keith Van Cleve would not confirm that officers shot the suspect.

So again it seems that the timeliness of the event is affecting how the facts are disseminated. I think that police and government officials want to get their ducks in a row before they release the details of the event. They want to make sure they are in the right and that family members are notified before the rest of the world finds out. But when you have an event such as this, a cop turns on the people he is supposed to protect, it's so rare and frightening that news outlets are going to be all over this thing. Google news already had 787 articles published, most of them probably from the AP, but still it highlights the novelty of the event that 787 news outlets have decided to make room for this story.