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Plame releases Memoir.

The backstory on Plame in case you aren't aware comes a Boston Globe article, "But she also said that neither she nor her husband -- whose 2003 op-ed column in the New York Times questioned the Bush administration's rationale for the war with Iraq -- want their lives defined by it.

Plame, 44, went from an undercover CIA operative to household name after syndicated columnist Robert Novak revealed her identity in a column in a 2003 story about Wilson's CIA-sponsored trip to Niger to investigate claims that Iraq was trying to buy uranium.

The disclosure triggered an investigation that led to the conviction of former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the only person charged in the case. He was not convicted of leaking but of lying and obstructing the probe, and President Bush commuted his 2 1/2-year prison sentence."

The interesting thing about the Boston Globe article is how much emphasis is placed on money. As if Plame has no credibility to speak because the only catalyst causing her to speak is money. It cites her $1 million advance for the book and the $28 ticket just to hear her speak.

Also this quote seems to undermine her credibility, "Until the book's publication, Plame and her husband had faded from the limelight in recent months. Six months ago, they moved to Santa Fe, N.M." Even more telling is this quote immediately following the previous, "We have every desire to move beyond this," she said. "We do not want to be defined by this. This is an important story, it has to be told. But I want to be able to move on." This sort of organization seems to be a loophole around objectivity. Placing these paragraphs together in my opnion highlights the contradiction between what Plame is saying and what she is selling.

I think Plame has every right to speak out, I think she got a raw deal. In my opinion the only reason she was outed was to undermine what Wilson was saying at the time about yellow cake in Niger. Is she also trying to make money, yes of course she doesn't have a job anymore Novak took care of that.