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The National Jewish Democratic Council responds to Coulter

In a, dare I say, wildly offensive comment by Ann Coulter the National Jewish Democratic Council asks news forums to have better judgement in airing anything Ann Coulter has to say.

Coulter commented that she hoped the jews could be "perfected" that she hoped America would one day be all Christian. The comment aired on "The Big Idea" a business show on CNBC, Donny Deutsch the host is Jewish and asked Coulter if she hoped that Jews would be eliminated from America, she responded by saying she hoped they could be "perfected."

The Anti-Defamation League called Coulter's comment "outrageous, offensive and a throwback to the centuries-old teaching of contempt for Jews and Judaism. The notion that Jews are religiously inferior or imperfect because they do not accept Christian beliefs was the basis for 2,000 years of church-based anti-Semitism. While she is entitled to her beliefs, using mainstream media to espouse the idea that Judaism needs to be replaced with Christianity and that each individual Jew is somehow deficient and needs to be "perfected" is rank Christian supersessionism and has been rejected by the Catholic Church and the vast majority of mainstream Christian denominations. Clearly, Ann Coulter needs a wake-up call about the power of words to injure others and fuel hatred. She needs an education, too, about the roots of anti-Semitism."

This issue smacks of shock and awe marketing campaign, some people get away with it by the nature of their industry. Marilyn Manson's career is based off of shocking people. But I think this goes too far because of the circles that Coulter runs in. The media outlets that she has access to give her a wider platform in which to shock people. I think the Jewish Democratic Council is right, they aren't promoting censorship, they should, but they are saying that why do we have guests that we know are going to spark controversy, for no other reason than to sell a book. I think that controversy should sparked when it has merit, when the public doesn't know enough about it. But racist comments do nothing for the populace. This is really nothing new from Coulter, it just seems like she has to keep raising the bar, she is outshocking herself. It is scary to think what she might say the next time she has a new book to promote.