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9/11, Coast Guard, oil spill.

According to a Christian Science Monitor article, the Coast Guard's response to 9/11 thwarted the efforts to clean up the oil spill in San Francisco. Apparently local fishermen used to train to clean up oil spills, but lately they haven't been doing the drills. "We began telling [state agencies] in 2000 that the training of our fishermen began to lapse," says Zeke Grader, head of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations in San Francisco. But "after 9/11 the Coast Guard was completely focused on the war on terror."

This reads like a traditional disaster story. There isn't much to report on after the event, the clean up process will probably drag on for years, and thats not novel or interesting. So now the focus becomes who can we blame. I saw a similar story appear after the I-35W bridge collapse. It appeared in the Star Tribune it said something like after the bridge collapse all eyes on Molnau referring to the Lieutenant Governor.

I really don't see a point to this story. All it does is highlight a lapse in judgement. An error that only becomes apparent after the fact. How can you fault the coast guard for focusing on terrorism after 9/11. Oil spills happen but what is more important, border control or oil spills. I guess the answer to that question comes down to political affiliation.