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Arsonist fights wildfires

A man who plead guilty to setting fires ten years ago in San Diego violated his parole by volunteering to the Ranchita volunteer fire department. Steven Santos Robles Jr was sent back to prison. I want to believe this guy was just trying to redeem himself, here he is a convicted arsonist helping to put out fires instead of starting them. Then he gets thrown back in jail for failing to tell his parole officer he had joined the volunteer fire department. I don't get it a creative judge might have actually sentenced him to put out fires. This is a typical wire story.

I love this quote, it doesn't make any sense, apparently you aren't supposed to help people. It's against the law.
"I never had any reason to question the guy," Ranchita Fire Chief Gary Loyd said. "The guy was out there saving lives and houses. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't supposed to be." This comes from a more in-depth wire story from the San Jose Mercury News, the first half of the article reads like the first wire story, but there is more details and quotes. The outcome of this story is that now volunteer fire fighters will have to undergo background checks. Yeah let's waste time with paperwork while houses burn down.