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Man tries gun case for fun?

Robert A. Levy, a rich libertarian lawyer is trying a handgun ownership case in the Supreme Court. The case was meticulously constructed and funded by Levy, who has never owned a gun. This is how the New York Times article characterizes Levy, "Mr. Levy, 66, is a small man with a bald head, big ears and an impish smile." Impish smile? Is that objective, did someone else say this and that gave the times reporter license to use it in the story, where is the attribution? Is this one of those things that the New York Times gets away with, but journalism students wouldn't get away with?

I think this is the crux of Levy's case, "If you want to apply for a license or permit for a handgun, you have to prove ownership of a handgun,? he said. “Where do you get one? You can’t buy a handgun in Washington, D.C., and federal law says you can’t buy a handgun in any state except where you reside.? The reason this rich lawyer is going after the District of Columbia, according to Levy, his Libertarian values.

This story is interesting, because it outlines the case in the beginning and then goes into a short bio on Levy, who apparently has led an interesting enough life to warrant a short bio at the end of the story. This case and this story wouldn't exist without Levy who seems to be actually kind of an interesting guy. Sometimes I guess an entertaining interviewee creates news.