January 29, 2008

Spendy Saturday

Due to my pseudo-nomadic lifestyle, especially on the weekends, I have decided that keeping a written record of some of my consumption habits will be the best way to keep me on track with recording information. I do not always have access to a computer and the internet, depending on where I am spending my time, so I have started written down the things I consume as a journal, which will be transferred to my blog when I have it available to me.

I spent my morning eating chocolate pancakes on the couch with Erik watching last night's PTI (Pardon The Interruption), followed by some of CNN's coverage of the presidential race. We watch PTI often, and I my sports knowledge has grown beyond basketball as a result - which often proves helpful in a heated Trivial Pursuit game.

That afternoon I went with my sister to Michael's to help her pick out some decorations for her upcoming wedding in May. We are looking for some faux greenery and/or some ribbon to use for the centerpieces. After browsing through the expensive and obviously fake looking grasses and vines, I convinced my sister that it would be more economical and classy to use real plants. We did find some cute ribbon to tie around some mason jar luminaries that we will be making later on. Unfortunately, we were also sucked into the 80% reduced prices Christmas decorations section! I was hesitant to look around, but 80% is a deal! I ended up finding a package of 12 Christmas balls for my tree next year for $1.39, some fun ribbon for $1.00, and some red ribbon which I will use for my own wedding that was on sale at 4 rolls for $1! I was fairly excited and proud of my purchases, given the fact the I would most likely have bought all of those things at another time in the coming year, and for a much higher price. Total: $3.39

That evening Erik and I went out to dinner at Spill the Wine, with some money that my parents had given us as an engagement gift. We are both getting into wine, and I had been there this past summer for their happy hour. Also, Erik was able to purchase a $50 Minnesota Originals gift certificate online last week for the restaurant for $35. Between the $15 we would save with the certificate and the $50 from my parents, we figured we could have a really nice night and taste some great wine. We ordered bruschetta as an appetizer, and it was a truly original take on the dish. I ordered the market place Salmon, which came with shrimp (which were NOT de-veined), and grilled asparagus. Erik ordered some sort of pasta dish with squash, but I was too distracted by my disappointment in my own meal to remember all of the details of his. The fish was bland, and the non-de-veined shrimp incident was not handled very professionally by the staff at Spill the Wine. However, we both ended up with fabulous glasses of wine and a great dessert! The overall experience was a split, but we did end up joining their Wine Club. For $25 you can get 8 glasses of any wine on their by the glass menu, any time, no expiration. Since we had such a good experience with the wine portion of our evening, we decided that joining the club would be a good way for us to try more wines and save more money in the end. Total after the using the gift certificate and with tip: $62.00

After dinner we went to the Lagoon to see Juno, which was a great movie! I had heart a lot of people saying that how good this movie is, and they were right. We like going to see movies at the Lagoon, since it is near Erik's house and they have a good selection of independent films. If you go on Sundays you can take your stub to Bar Abilene and get a free margarita! $8.10